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The Childrens’ Page

Estimania 2018 Answers
1. How many pom-poms are in this container? – 506 pom poms
2. How many LEGO blocks were used to make this structure (build plates not included)? – 813
3. What is the weight of the container full of beans? 6.4 pounds
4. Combined length of the two ribbons wrapped around this column? – 47 feet
5. How long is this sound file? 16 seconds
6. How many red cups worth of water are in this vase? 5
7. How long is the piece of ribbon seen on the balcony? Balcony Ribbon length 72 feet & 4 ⅞ inches
8. Touch the side of this container. What is the temperature of this water? 120 degrees F/48.88 degrees C
9. How many pages are in this book? 2780 pages
10. What is the total of eyes and sticks in the mobile? You may not touch it! 67
11. Degrees on plates
Add the degrees on Plate 1. Total 150 degrees
What is the difference between the degrees on Plate 2 (subtract) 50 degrees
Add the degrees on Plate 3. 130 degrees
12. Look at this picture. How many bars are there? 6
13. How many cups are in this stack? 52 cups
14. Items for check out in Library ? 136,161 items
Winners announced Friday afternoon! We have a lot of grading to do!



Mondays 430pm-530pm

For children ages 7 and up!
Sessions for combined Beginners and Advanced Players alternate with sessions for Intermediate Players each week.

Check our online calendar to see which group meets on any particular Monday.

Register online through our calendar.



2nd Friday of each Month, 3pm-445pm, 3rd Floor

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