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Directory of services


I. Purpose

The following policy is a guiding document to inform decisions regarding materials selection, purchase and retention. The policy provides the framework for the evaluation and purchase of materials in a variety of formats to meet the diverse and continuously changing needs of the community.

II.  Statement of Principles

The Library upholds the right of the individual to access information, even if the content may be controversial or unacceptable to others. The Library reserves the right to not include sensational, inflammatory, or inaccurate material in our collection that does not meet the selection criteria in this policy.

Materials for children and teens are intended to broaden their interest and curiosity in their lifelong learning journey. The reading and viewing activity of minors is ultimately the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

The Library supports the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, The Freedom to Read, The Freedom to View, and New Jersey Library Association’s The People’ s Rights to Libraries.

III.  Scope

The Library seeks to provide and maintain a balanced collection of print, non-print, and digital materials across a wide spectrum of subjects. The collection strives to meet the informational, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of our diverse community which includes users of all ages, education levels, and cultural backgrounds. The collection development objectives are:

  • To provide resources that inform, educate, and/or entertain
  • To provide works of enduring value
  • To provide timely material on current issues
  • To select materials based on community needs and demand

The inclusion of an item in the Library collection in no way represents an endorsement of its contents. Only individuals can determine what is most appropriate for their needs and can define what material or information is consistent with their views and values.

In the development of its collection, the Library recognizes that it is impossible for a Library of our size to meet all the needs of our community. As a member of Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium (LMxAC), a resource sharing library consortium and the state supported inter-library loan system, the Library supplements its resources with materials borrowed from other libraries through these larger entities.

The Library supports the West Windsor-Plainsboro school district curriculum by purchasing general materials related to relevant subject areas. The Library does not typically purchase textbooks. Textbooks may be added to the collection if they provide the best or only source of information on a subject.

IV.  Responsibility

The director has ultimate responsibility for the shaping of the collection. The director delegates selection and retention decisions to qualified staff members in each department. These staff members have the primary responsibility to develop and maintain the collections in their respective areas.

V.  Selection Criteria

In general, the Library staff will select materials based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Demand and usage
  • Educational value
  • Cultural enrichment and social significance
  • Classic status; titles that have enduring value as a standard work
  • Local interest and/or local authorship
  • Currency and accuracy of information
  • Overall balance of variety and viewpoints
  • Availability of the subject in library resources
  • Cost

VI.  Methods of Selection

Library staff’s primary method of selection will be to read reviews in established professional trade journals and nationally known print and online reviewing sources. Cost-effective additions to the collection may also come through other channels, such as donations and gifts. Selections will be consistent with the criteria mentioned above.

i.  Donation and Gifts

The Library accepts donations of books and other materials. The Library may add donated materials to the collection following the same selection criteria as listed above. The Friends of the Library assumes ownership of donated materials. The Library accepts donations of money for the purchase of print, non-print, or digital collections. However, the Library retains the right to make the selection and purchase decisions from any monetary donation given for a specific collection.

ii. Requests

Library patrons are encouraged to request materials. Suggestion forms are available on every floor in the Library and may be submitted to the Library staff in person or online. Every effort will be made to fill each request, either through purchase or through the available Library’s resources. Items for purchase will be subject to the same selection criteria as above.

VII.  World Language Collections

The Library maintains selected world language collections that reflect the demographics and demand of the Plainsboro community. Growth in these collections will be maintained as budget, donations, and grants allow.

VIII.  Weeding

Weeding will be done on a regular basis in conjunction with systematic collection evaluation.

Items will be weeded out of the collection using a variety of criteria including:

  • Review of statistical information such as circulation reports, collection turnover rates, and use statistics for digital resources
  • Age of material
  • Continued value
  • Alternative coverage of subject or genre in the collection
  • Availability of better or newer materials on the subject
  • Physical condition

IX.  Reconsideration of Library Materials

Occasionally a person may find a particular item in the collection that does not support his or her tastes or views. The director or appropriate staff member will meet with the person to discuss their concerns, review this policy, and identify alternate materials. If a concern is not satisfied through discussion with staff and/or the director, the person may complete a Reconsideration of Materials form. The director will present the form and his or her recommendation to the Library Board of Trustees for discussion and final determination.

Neither the director nor any staff will remove an item from the physical or digital collection in response to a request for reconsideration without the direct authorization of the Library Board of Trustees.

Request For Reconsideration Of Library Materials form

Adopted June 3, 1992
Revised February, 2002
Revised December 2002
Revised February, 2003
Revised December 5, 2017

The Library maintains a number of computers for public use.

Internet usage is free and does not require advance registration. Please ask for assistance at the Circulation or Reference Desk if a terminal is not available upon arrival. Priority is given to those doing research.

Database research is free and efficient. The library maintains a wide variety of popular databases tailored to local needs for report research, investments, taxes, health, and law. These terminals are located in the Reference area on the second floor.

Word processing programs are available in standard Office formats. Files may be created and stored on disks and jump drives; retrieved from disks and jump drives; and/or printed. Library staff is not able to instruct newcomers in the complex use of these programs.

Wifi is available throughout the library on an open network.

Printing is available in both color and black and white.
Be aware that there is a $5 limit at a time at the printer. If you have more to print than $5 worth you can split it into multiple jobs to accommodate the printer.

  • Black & White: $0.15 per page
  • Color: $0.50 per page

The library hosts weekly conversation classes with Eileen Sinett in the Community Room on the first floor.
They are free and no reservations are required.
Perfect for adults who know the grammar but just want to use it!
Mondays, 7pm-8:30pm

The PALS (Plainsboro American Language Social) Club meets on first and third Thursday at 6:30-8:15, in the 1st floor Community Room. We play language games, discuss differences between cultures and engage in group discussion. Make friends, and learn about American language and customs!

For ESL learners who are looking for a chance to practice their English. No registration required. If you are a native speaker who is interested in volunteering, please contact Joyce at

The library offers public fax service.
The price is $1.75 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.

The Library maintains meeting rooms which are available to non-profit organizations, community interest groups, boards and agencies of the library, Township, government and schools. Preference is given to local, non-profit, organizations, and educational endeavors. Application forms must be submitted for use of rooms, and fees may apply. Contact the library at 609-275-2897 with further questions.

Please click here to download our full policy and the reservation form.

The Museum Pass Program allows Plainsboro Public Library cardholders to gain free admission to select museums.  This program is made possible by Friends of the Plainsboro Library.

  • Plainsboro cardholders must be 18+ years-old to reserve and check out museum passes.
  • Plainsboro cardholders must owe less than $5.00 in fines, fees, or lost materials.

Available Museum Passes*

  • The Academy of Natural Sciences

    • Grants free general admission for 2 adults (13 years and older) and up to 5 children from the same household
    • 10% discount at the Academy Shop and Academy Cafe
  • Grounds for Sculpture

    • Grants free admission for 4 people
    • Closed on Mondays
  • The Guggenheim 

    • Grants free admission for 4 adults or students (Children under 12 years of age are always free)
    • 10% savings at the Guggenheim Store and restaurants
    • Closed Thursdays

*Check museum websites for schedule of holidays, days closed and hours

Reserve Museum Passes

  • Eligible Plainsboro cardholders may reserve each museum pass one time per month.
  • Call the Circulation Desk, 609-275-2897, with your Plainsboro Library barcode.

Check out and Return Museum Passes

  • Museum passes must be picked up at the Circulation Desk.
  • The person must present the library card under whose name the pass was reserved.
  • Museum passes are checked out for 3 days, which includes the check-out day.
  • Museum passes must be returned to the Circulation Desk.
  • Museum passes cannot be renewed.

Late, Lost or Damaged Museum Passes

  • There will be a $20.00 late fee each day the pass is past due.  The maximum fine will not exceed $100.00.
  • The cardholder is responsible for the full replacement cost if the pass is lost or damaged.
    • Academy of Natural Sciences – $199.00
    • Grounds for Sculpture – $400.00
    • Guggenheim – $500.00

No Shows and Cancellations

  • Museum pass reservations may be cancelled up to the day before the reservation date by calling the Circulation Desk 609-275-2897.
  • Museum passes not picked up are considered a “no show.”
  • Reservations cancelled on the reservation day or after are also considered a “no show.”
  • Due to high demand, 2 “no shows” in a 90 day period may result in a 3 month block on museum pass reservations.

For more information, please call the Circulation Desk at 609-275-2897.

The Plainsboro Public Library offers notary services to Plainsboro residents and those who work in Plainsboro. Proof of current residency is required.

  • Notary Service is available Saturday & Sunday 10–4pm and Wednesday 4–8pm. Patrons must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled end time to ensure adequate time to process the paperwork.
  • Notary service is provided on a first-come, first serve basis during the scheduled times.
  • Valid photo identification is required of any patron seeking notary service.
  • Notary service is limited to three documents per person per day.
  • There will be a $2.00/per signature charge on each page including original documents and photocopy pages.
  • The library will not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from patrons. In order to serve as a witness, the witness must know the person whose document is being notarized and must be in possession of valid photo identification.
  • Foreign language documents cannot be notarized unless the notarial certificate itself is in English.
  • New Jersey law requires that a notary and the patron seeking notarization be able to communicate directly with each other. Library notaries are not permitted to make use of a translator.
  • Public documents that cannot be copied and notarized are birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates.
  • Notary service is not available for deeds, real estate closings, wills, living wills & trusts, which require legal knowledge.
  • In accordance with NJ notarial law, notaries will not provide service if the customer, document or circumstances raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, or doubt. The library notary may, at her sole discretion, decline to provide notary service.
  • Documents must be complete and must be signed in the presence of the notary.

Proposed and adopted by the Library Board of Trustees: April 3, 2012
Revised and adopted on May 6, 2014
Revised and adopted December 6, 2016

Reference service is available whenever the library is open. We look forward to helping you in the library, on the phone or by email. Just ask! We can help you locate books and resources or guide you through more advanced, specialized queries. An exceptional array of online databases is available both in the library, and through this website.

Click here to review resources.
Some may require your library card number.

Our resources go far beyond the walls of Plainsboro Public Library. We are connected to larger reference referral networks and inter-library loan services. If we don’t have the materials or answers here, we’ll borrow them from/ or refer you to places that do!

The Quiet Study Room Policy is in place to insure fair and equitable Quiet Study Room access to members of the Plainsboro Community. By using a Quiet Study Room, you agree to follow this policy. The Plainsboro Public Library has 4 Quiet Study Rooms with a maximum capacity of four (4) persons per room. The Quiet Study Rooms are not intended for social gatherings, but rather are intended to provide a quiet area of study or similar work for individuals or small groups.

Click here for the complete study room policy and reservation information.

Tutors: please call 609-275-2898 for additional information.

Need a typewriter to complete that application? The Library has them for public use! How very retro!